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Helium Cylinder Rentals and Refills

Helium Cylinder Rentals and Refills

Short-Term Rentals

Long-Term Rentals

Cylinder Refills

Safety and MSDS


Short-Term Rentals

Great for: weekend events, private parties, corporate functions, etc.

We have four different sizes of helium cylinders to choose from - large, medium, small and extra small. Please see the chart below to help you determine what size you'll need based on your desired output.

*All numbers are approximate and based on amount of helium required to fill each balloon to optimum size



To reserve a cylinder, we simply need a name, contact number and pick-up date. Because we are closed on weekends, plan to pick up the cylinder on a Friday and return it the following Monday for weekend events. Should you require different pick-up and return days, let us know.


If you would like the cylinder delivered, we can hold a cylinder for you with the same information listed above. However, we will not deliver unless payment has been previously arranged or collected.



No credit is issued on unused helium so please select the cylinder size most appropriate for your party. If you run into a problem, please contact us as soon as possible so we can assist you.


Balloon Inflators

The valve rental fee is $20. Let us know if you own one already and we'll remove it from your order. Balloon inflators are verified to be in working condition before they leave our premises. If you are unfamiliar with how to use them, let us know. We'll be glad to show you.


Delivery and Pick-up Options

Delivery is available and price is subject to the delivery location. The round-trip fee, which includes taking the cylinder to you and picking it up, starts at $36. Please arrange for someone to be present at time of delivery as we will require a signature from a legal adult. If you are not signing for the delivery yourself, provide us with the name of the person who will be. A hard copy of your receipt will be delivered with the merchandise.


You may also transport the cylinder yourself. However, you will be required to sign a liability release form if you choose to transport it yourself. We recommend using a pickup truck, if possible, as it is safer to transport the cylinder in an open truck bed than in an enclosed vehicle. A valid TX Driver's License is also required to rent a cylinder. WE DO NOT ACCEPT ANY OTHER FORM OF ID.

Please ensure you are able to load and unload the cylinder(s) unassisted. If assistance is requested, the liability release form will also be required.


Security Deposits

A security deposit is required on all short-term rentals. The deposit amount is dependent on the cylinder size rented. All security deposits must be paid with credit card or cash. Deposit is refunded when the cylinder and valve are returned to our store. NOTE: All deposits will be returned in the same format it was initially paid with.


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Long-Term Rentals

Great for: businesses/balloon decorators, commercial use and marketing

Long-term rentals are available for commercial locations and only large cylinders are eligible for long-term rentals. For pricing and terms on long-term rentals, call us at 210-524-2345 or send an email to We're happy to answer any questions.



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Cylinder Refills

Please read our blog post if you are interested in purchasing a helium cylinder or if you have a helium cylinder already in your possession and need it filled. It will provide you with information needed to assist in your purchasing decision as well as determine if your cylinder is eligible to be refilled.



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Safety is Our Priority

Helium Xpress Balloon Wholesale has many policies in place to keep our employees and customers safe. In upholding our commitment to customer service and safety, we've included the following information. We strongly encourage all of our current and prospective helium customers to review the following cylinder safety protocol.



  • Do read and follow all safety notices on cylinder.
  • Do store, use, and transport gas cylinders in a well-ventilated area and/or vehicle.
  • Do use a regulator specifically designed for balloon filling at all times.
  • Do check cylinder connections for leaks once the regulator has been connected. This can be performed with soap and water.
  • Do make sure to turn off the balloon filler valve between uses, as well as when the cylinder is empty.
  • Do turn off cylinder valve, remove the regulator, and replace with cap on cylinder before transporting.
  • Do use cylinder for the intended purpose of balloon filling ONLY.


  • Do not attempt to transfer helium contents from cylinder to any other container.
  • Do not store or use balloon gas in a poorly-ventilated, confined area. While helium is odorless and nontoxic, it may induce suffocation by diluting the concentration of oxygen in the air to a hazardously low level.
  • Do not breathe any helium and NEVER put your face or mouth near the cylinder or filling equipment.
  • Do not allow others to inhale helium from filled balloons.
  • Do not store or use cylinders near extreme heat or electrical devices. Cylinder should not be exposed to temperatures above 130F (54C).
  • Do not remove cylinder cap until tank has been secured in its place of use.
  • Do not attempt to remove caps if they appear to be stuck. Instead, alert your supplier of the problem.
  • Do not allow children to operate any balloon filling equipment. In addition, when children are around, the cylinder MUST be secured tightly to ensure the cylinder won't be knocked over.


For more information and safety tips, please review the following video and documents.

MSDS - Helium


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